Hathras Stampede Madhukar the main accused of Hathras incident arrested from Delhi a reward of one lakh was announced

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Dev Prakash Madhukar, the main accused in the Hathras stampede, was arrested on Friday. Yesterday, the police had announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh on him. Madhukar is the main sevadar of storyteller Suraj Pal alias Bhole Baba. Bhole Baba’s lawyer AP Singh, however, has claimed that Madhukar has surrendered. According to AP Singh, Madhukar was undergoing treatment in a Delhi hospital. UP Police was called in the hospital itself and Madhukar was made to surrender. The lawyer said that Madhukar is a heart patient. He has been handed over to the police after his condition stabilized. 121 people died in the stampede after Suraj Pal alias Bhole Baba’s satsang in Hathras on July 2. Apart from the SIT, the judicial commission team is investigating the case. CM Yogi has also suspected a conspiracy behind the accident. Now that Madhukar has been arrested by the police, it is expected that many things can be revealed.

Bhole Baba’s lawyer AP Singh released a video statement regarding Madhukar’s arrest. It said that he was being treated in a Delhi hospital. When his condition stabilized, we thought of surrendering. UP police was called to Delhi and he was made to surrender before them. He said that we want cooperation in the investigation, so no attempt has been made to get bail for Madhukar in any court of the country so far. Surrender has also not been done in the court. AP Singh said that he is an engineer and a heart patient. When the doctor said that he is a little better, we informed the UP police without delay. The lawyer said that we had told in the morning itself that we will participate in the investigation, will help the police in every way. Fulfilling our promise, we have surrendered before the UP police. We have handed over Madhukar to the UP police. They can investigate, take his statement. It was also said that Madhukar had not run away. He was not absconding anywhere. His condition was not good, so he came here for treatment.

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It is noteworthy that in the first FIR registered after the death of 121 people, Madhukar was named by the police as the main accused of the incident. In the initial investigation, the sevadars have been held guilty for the incident. Raids were started in search of Madhukar immediately after the FIR. A non-bailable warrant (NBW) was also issued for his arrest. Inspector General of Police Aligarh Range, Shalabh Mathur, while talking to the media at Hathras Police Line on Thursday, had also said that permission for the satsang was sought in the name of Dev Prakash Madhukar (engineer), in-charge of the gathering (satsang). Hathras Police had named Madhukar as the main accused in the FIR. Due to his absconding, a reward of Rs 1 lakh was announced for his arrest.

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