Latest update on Sunita Williams unable to return from space ISS starliner

Sunita Williams News: Indian-origin astronaut Sunita Williams and Butch Willmore, who went to space with her, have not yet returned to Earth. Both astronauts are stuck in the Starliner spacecraft docked with the International Space Station. Recently, their troubles increased further when an old satellite broke down. debris It spread all around in space and the possibility of collision with ISS and Starliner increased. After this, Sunita and her companions had to take shelter in Starliner.

Although they survived this danger, they are unable to return to Earth due to a malfunction in the Starliner spacecraft. Both astronauts were to return to Earth on June 18.

There was a problem with Starliner from the beginning

The Starliner spacecraft has been built by Boeing. The company has been working on human spacecraft for a long time. The Starliner mission was postponed several times. When it was finally launched, it had a problem of helium leakage after reaching the space station. The mission, which was for 8 days, is now stuck in space.

The date is being postponed again and again

Earlier it was thought that the Starliner spacecraft would return to Earth by June 18. This date was shifted to June 26. Now NASA has said that Starliner will return to Earth this month. It wants to monitor the problems in the propulsion system.

Helium is very important for any spacecraft. It is used to push the propellants to the thrusters. If the gas leaks, the thrusters cannot work properly. The good thing is that the spacecraft can stay in space for 45 days, giving the crew members time to fix the problems in the spacecraft.

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