mumbai bmw mihir shah accident case updates victim woman husband says i will also beat her like my wife died

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Mumbai BMW Mihir Shah Accident Case Updates: Mihir Shah, the accused in the BMW hit-and-run case in Worli, Mumbai, has not yet been caught by the Mumbai Police. Meanwhile, Shiv Sena leader and the accused’s father Rajesh Shah, who was arrested in the case, got bail from the court within 24 hours. The husband of the woman who lost her life in the Mumbai hit-and-run case is furious at Mihir Shah. In a special conversation with the media, he said that what will happen even if he gets punished? My wife is gone and she will never come back. My son is crying a lot. I will also drag him the same way my wife lost her life.

The incident of hit and run case in Mumbai came to light on Sunday morning. When Mihir Shah, who was riding a BMW, was returning from a bar after partying late at night. At 5:30 in the morning, the car hit a couple riding a scooter. After the accident, the accused car driver dragged the woman’s body for one and a half kilometers to save his life. The recent police report has revealed that Mihir Shah had consumed alcohol before the incident. Mihir Shah’s father Rajesh Shah is an official in CM Eknath Shinde’s party Shiv Sena. Police arrested Rajesh Shah and driver Rajrishi after the incident. Rajesh Shah got bail from the court today.

If the brakes were applied on time, life would have been saved
Pradeep Liladhar Nakhwa, husband of Kaveri Nakhwa, who lost her life in the accident, has now broken his silence on the entire incident. Speaking to news agency PTI, Pradeep said that if the car driver had applied the brakes on time, his wife could have been saved. Speaking to the media at the Worli Police Station, Pradeep Liladhar Nakhwa, husband of the victim Kaveri Nakhwa, recalled the incident when the couple was returning after buying fish from Crawford Market on Sunday morning, when their scooter was hit from behind by a speeding BMW. The incident took place around 5:30 in the morning.

Pradeep told what had happened
“We were driving at a speed of 30 to 35 kmph when a speeding car hit us from behind. The collision was so severe and the car was moving so fast that we fell on the bonnet of the car after the accident,” Pradeep was quoted as saying by news agency PTI. Recalling the tragic incident, he said, “The driver applied the brakes, due to which I fell down, but my wife got stuck under the front wheel. I tried to stop the car by banging the bonnet, but the driver did not stop and dragged my wife away.”

I have lost everything
Pradeep Nakhwa cried with grief and anger and said, “I have two children. We lost everything. My wife is gone, but the accused should be punished for the accident.” According to Mumbai Police, the car dragged the woman for one and a half kilometers. She was taken to the hospital immediately after the accident. However, on reaching there, the doctors declared her dead. It is suspected that Mihir was drunk at the time of the accident, because just a few hours before he was seen in a bar in Juhu. However, the bar owner has said that Mihir drank Red Bull while he was in the bar.

Rajesh Shah got bail on a bond of Rs. 15,000
It is worth noting that the car was allegedly being driven by 24-year-old Mihir Shah. The accused is absconding since the accident. He is the son of Rajesh Shah, a leader of the Shiv Sena led by CM Eknath Shinde. Meanwhile, the police arrested Mihir’s father Rajesh Shah. However, a day after the arrest, the Mumbai court granted bail to the Shinde Sena leader on a bond of Rs 15,000.

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