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NASA Discovers Earth Like Planet: There is no doubt that there can be many planets like Earth in the universe and people like us living there. But, scientists have not been able to discover a habitable planet like Earth in all these years. However, the American space agency NASA has made this impossible task possible. NASA scientists have recently discovered a planet that is habitable like Earth. NASA’s telescope James Webb has captured it from the universe. Scientists say that it is bigger than Earth in size and is the first among the 5000 planets found so far outside our solar system, where life can exist.

NASA’s most powerful telescope James Webb has once again discovered something unbelievable from the infinite space. NASA scientists have discovered a planet outside our solar system that has many similarities with Earth. According to scientists, this planet has a possible liquid ocean that can sustain life.

Scientists say that so far more than 5000 planets have been discovered outside the solar system, but only a few of them are in the “Goldilocks zone” – which is neither too hot nor too cold. Not only this, water can be in liquid state there. This means that there is immense possibility of life there.

Super Earth discovered in the universe
NASA scientists say that this planet found outside our solar system was first discovered in 2017. Its name is LHS 1140B. It can also be called Super Earth. There are possibilities of life here, which are also there on Earth. It is being investigated intensively since it was first discovered in 2017.

It is located 48 light years from Earth, which is equivalent to more than 450 trillion kilometers. According to the study published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters, it is 1.7 times larger than Earth and has a mass 5.6 times that of Earth. After observing with the Webb telescope, scientists have confirmed that this exoplanet is indeed a “super-Earth”.

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