Nupur Sharma On Rahul Gandhi takes a jibe over violent Hindus remark: One Should Understand This Conspiracy

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Nupur Sharma on Rahul Gandhi: Former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma has targeted Rahul Gandhi without naming him. Nupur Sharma claims that Rahul Gandhi’s statement on Hindus could be part of a conspiracy. Recalling the threats she received two years ago, Nupur said that if Hindus were violent, the daughters of Hindus would not have to live in safety in their own country. Let us tell you that Rahul Gandhi had targeted the BJP while giving a speech in the House. He had said that people who call themselves Hindus are constantly engaged in violence. There was a lot of uproar over this statement of Rahul Gandhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah themselves had objected to this. Later, this statement of Rahul Gandhi was removed from the proceedings of the House.

A video of Nupur Sharma is circulating on social media. In this video, the former BJP leader is attacking Rahul Gandhi without naming him. She is saying that when people sitting in high positions are saying that Hindus are violent. When it is being said that Sanatanis should be thrown out of the country. Then it is necessary to understand that this is a conspiracy. It is being claimed that the former BJP spokesperson said these things while addressing the people in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

During this, Nupur Sharma also talked about her statement given on TV two years ago, which had caused controversy. She said that in the last two years I have seen that there is talk of wiping out Sanatanis. Nupur said that if Hindus were violent, then the daughters of Hindus would not have to live under such tight security in their own country.

It is worth noting that in July 2022, Nupur Sharma received death threats for her comments on Prophet Mohammad during a TV debate. There was a lot of controversy over this in the country and abroad. After this, the BJP expelled her from the party. Nupur Sharma said that whatever happened to her should not happen to anyone else. The country will run according to the Constitution, not Sharia law.

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