Samsung second generation Galaxy Ring may come with display feature reveals patent

Samsung is going to organize its Galaxy Unpacked event on July 10. In this, the company will also launch Galaxy Ring in the smart wearable segment. This will be Samsung’s first wearable device in the ring segment. But the company is going two steps ahead of this. Samsung is reportedly working on another smart ring for which the company has also filed a design patent.

The company is reportedly working on Samsung Galaxy Ring 2. 91 Mobiles reports that Samsung has filed a patent for a new wearable in the United States Patent Application Publication. This patent has been filed in May 2024, which could possibly be the Galaxy Ring 2. In the report, the publication has also shared a photo of its design patent, looking at which it seems that the outer layer of the smart ring will be flat while the inner layer will be circular. The display will be given on the outer layer, and the sensors will be installed on the inner layer.

This second generation ring can come with two displays. One will have app icons and the other will show the content after clicking on the app icon. Some important information like heart rate, workout data etc. can be easily seen on the display. The user will not need a smartphone for this. Apart from this, it will also show incoming calls and notifications.

Compared to Galaxy Ring 1, the internal volume inside Galaxy Ring 2 can be seen to be more. Obviously, being an upgraded device, the internal material will also be more, as the company can also provide a bigger battery and additional sensors in it. The patent listing suggests that the upcoming second generation Galaxy Ring will also have the ability of Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), SPO2, PPG, and ECG monitoring. It may also have a temperature sensor, acceleration sensor, and fingerprint sensor.

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