Taurus, Sagittarius and Aquarius will get the support of luck today, know the condition of other zodiac signs, religion news

Position of planets- Mars is in Aries. Jupiter is in Taurus. Sun is in Gemini, Venus and Mercury are in Cancer, Moon is in Leo. Ketu is in Virgo. Saturn is in Aquarius and Rahu is transiting in Pisces.


Aries- Good time for reading and writing. Right time for students. Good time for writers. Your health is going well. There can be some arguments in love because you will remain emotional. You will be worried about the health of children. Rest of your business will continue to run well. It will be good for you to keep copper items with you.

Taurus Horoscope- There are signs of family strife but there is an increase in material happiness and wealth. Health is good. Love and children are with you. Business is good. Keep green things nearby.

Gemini- Courage will pay off, if you want to start something then you can start it commercially. Health is good. Love, children are good. Business is also good. Keep praying to Kali ji.

Cancer zodiac sign- Pay attention to health, money will come in. Family will grow. Control your tongue. Control your investments, love, children and business are good. Donate green items.

Leo sun sign– A positive energy will flow inside you. Health will be better than before. Love, children will be good. Business will be good. Auspicious signs are visible. Keep offering water to the Sun.

Virgo sun sign- Headache, eye pain, unknown fear and mental troubles will persist. Otherwise, your love, children and business will go well. Keep offering water to the Sun.

Libra zodiac sign- New sources of income will be created. Stuck money will be recovered. Travel will be beneficial. Health, love and business are looking good. Keep praying to Lord Shani.

Scorpio zodiac sign- You will benefit from the government machinery. You will win in court. You will get success in business. Health is fine. Love and children are good. Business is good. Keep a yellow object near you.

Sagittarius zodiac sign- Luck will favour you. You will participate in religious activities. Obstacles in work will end. Love and children’s situation will be good. Enemy will be victorious. Auspicious signs are visible. Keep a red object near you.

Capricorn- You may get hurt. You may get into some trouble. Circumstances are unfavourable. Pay attention to your health. Love and children are good. Business is also good. Keep praying to Kali ji.

Aquarius- You will have a blissful life. Your job situation will be good. Your health will improve. Your spouse will be with you. Business will also be good. Keep offering water to the Sun.

Pisces- You will be victorious over your enemies. Obstacles in your work will end. You will gain virtue and knowledge. You will get blessings from elders. Health, love and business are good. Donate black things.

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