This planet smells like rotten eggs orbits its sun in 2 days JWST finds

There are thousands, millions of planets outside our solar system, about which scientists are slowly gathering information. Scientists have discovered a planet that smells like rotten eggs. Johns Hopkins University Scientists have discovered this feature of the planet. The name of the planet is HD 189733 b. Hydrogen sulphide is present in its atmosphere. This is the compound that causes the smell in rotten eggs. The findings of the scientists have been published in the Nature magazine. Some more information has also been found about this planet.

HD 189733 b has long interested scientists. It is 64 light years from Earth and is known for its extreme weather conditions. It orbits its star very closely. It completes one orbit around its star in just two Earth days.

Due to being so close to its star, the temperature of the planet reaches 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit and winds blow at a speed of 5 thousand miles per hour and glass rains here. This is the reason why it is an inhospitable world.

With the help of the largest observatory deployed in space, James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), scientists got more information about this planet. With the help of data received from Webb, scientists detected hydrogen sulfide on the planet. They also found out the sources of oxygen and carbon on the planet.

Scientists also found levels of heavy metals on this planet, which are as heavy as the planet Jupiter. According to reports, it is impossible for life to flourish on HD 189733 b because it is too hot. Despite this, the presence of hydrogen sulfide on the planet can be very important for future research.

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