Thunder Buck Moon will be visible on the full moon of July 21, 2024 know about it

July full Moon: Last month on 21st June, the world witnessed the spectacular view of ‘Strawberry Moon’ on the occasion of full moon. Now in the month of July also, the full moon will be seen on 21st. It is called Thunder Moon. According to reports, Thunder Moon will start from around 4 pm on 21st July and the moon will be visible till the next morning. The special thing is that on that day, Mercury will also be visible along with the moon. This will be a special opportunity for those who are interested in astronomical events.

what is a full moon

A full moon occurs when the moon appears as a complete circle in the sky. The moon does not generate any light on its own. In such a situation, a full moon occurs when the moon is in the opposite direction of the sun from the earth.

The full moon in July is called the Buck Moon

The July full moon is also called Buck Moon. This name has been given by the Native Americans. According to reports, July is the time when the male deer start growing new horns. Because of this, the July full moon is called Buck Moon.

4 supermoons this year

The July full moon is not a supermoon. This year there will be 4 supermoons, but the July full moon is not included in them. According to BBCSkynight AccordingThe first supermoon will be visible on August 19. After that, three more supermoons will be visible on September 18, October 17 and November 15.

Full moon is such an astronomical event that everyone can see without any obstruction. No telescope is required for this. However, if you want to see Mercury closely, you can take the help of a telescope, provided the weather in your area is clear.

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