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Indian PM Modi has gone to Russia on a two-day visit. PM Modi was given a grand welcome at the airport, he was honored with a guard of honor. After which PM Modi went to President Putin’s house on his invitation, where informal talks took place between the two leaders. Soon after this, America has expressed its concern about PM Modi’s visit to Russia during the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war.

The US State Department said – we are keeping an eye

Speaking to the media, the US State Department spokesperson said that we will look at the public comments made by PM Modi during this visit, what he has talked about. We have already made clear to India about our concerns regarding his and Russia’s relations in this matter.
He said that we hope that India, or any other country, when talks to Russia, will make it clear to Russia that Moscow should respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine keeping in mind the UN Charter.

America is continuously putting pressure on India
Since Russia’s attack on Ukraine in February 2022, the US has been constantly pressuring India to distance itself from Russia. India has faced this pressure by citing its old relations with Russia and its economic needs. India has not only maintained but also increased trade relations with Russia, ignoring the constant US pressure. After the Ukraine war, India, which used to buy very little crude oil from Russia. After this war, Russia became India’s second largest oil exporter. Regarding this, a statement of Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar became very famous, “Europe should come out of the mindset that Europe’s problem is the problem of the whole world.” India maintained its relations with Russia. However, India has also raised its voice for a peaceful solution to the ongoing war.

PM Modi reached Russia after 5 years
PM Modi arrived in Russia on Monday to attend the 22nd India-Russia Summit. This is PM Modi’s first visit to Russia since the war started. His last visit to Russia was in 2019, when he reached the Russian city of Vladivostok to participate in an economic conclave. On PM’s arrival in Russia, President Putin welcomed him and invited him to dinner at his home, where a good discussion took place between the two leaders.

Regarding this meeting, PM Modi wrote on the social media platform X that thank you President Putin, I look forward to further talks, which will greatly help in further strengthening the bond of friendship between India and Russia.

After completing his tour in Russia, PM Modi will leave for Austria today itself, this will be the first visit of an Indian PM to Austria after 40 years.

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