Zongshen ES5 electric bike with a range of up to 300km launched features more

Zongshen has launched its new electric bike. This electric bike has been introduced in the name of Zongshen ES5. This is a hybrid vehicle which the company has introduced with a range of up to 300 kilometers. The electric bike has a 60V 31Ah lithium battery. Its pure electric range is 70 kilometers. Since it is a hybrid two wheeler, it consumes 1.5L of fuel per 100 kilometers. Let’s know all the special things about it.

Zongshen The ES5 electric bike is a new type of hybrid energy motorcycle introduced under the Senlan Electric brand.via) has been done. Its pure electric range is 70 km. But the company has introduced it with 1.5L extended range, which can take the electric vehicle up to 300 km. Battery power can also be used in it along with fuel. In this case, it can run 100 km in 1.5 liters of fuel. However, it also comes in a pure electric version. In which 60V 31Ah lithium batteries are available. With three battery setup, the electric bike can be driven up to 180 km.

One of its special features is that it can be charged while driving. Apart from this, it can also be charged by parking. This EV can also use pure electric power for short distances, and can also run in power generation mode for long distances. In case of normal home charging, it takes 2 to 3 hours to charge. At the same time, it can be charged in 40 minutes at an AC charging station, provided the charging station has 2200W fast charging facility. It has been given C-REEV power mode, due to which it keeps giving continuous power feedback.

Due to the C-REEV power mode, it requires a more conservative battery architecture, which reduces its running cost significantly. Apart from this, it can also provide a maximum external discharge of 1000W. With the help of which it can be used as a large mobile power supply source. The company has not yet decided any date for its availability. Also, the price has not been revealed.

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