Amazon Echo Spot launched with Alexa New Features Design Know Price

Amazon has reintroduced the Echo Spot in the Alexa device lineup. This small smart display is specially designed for the nightstand or desk, which usually works as a customizable smart alarm clock. Here we are telling you in detail about the features and specifications of Amazon Echo Spot, price etc.

Amazon Echo Spot Price

Amazon Echo Spot is priced at $79.99 (roughly Rs. 6,677), but Prime members can avail a limited period discount of $44.99 (roughly Rs. 3,755) until July 17, 2024 as part of Amazon Prime Day celebrations.

Amazon Echo Spot Features & Specifications

At the center of the Amazon Echo Spot is a 2.83-inch touchscreen that covers half of the device. The previous model had a circular screen with thick bezels, while the new display offers a more modern semi-circular design. The display usually shows the time and date. Users can change their display experience with a clock face. Apart from this, Amazon has included special visuals for many tasks like alarm, music playback and weather forecast. These include visuals such as a bright sun, clouds with a storm or snowflakes depending on the weather. The user interface can also be customized with 6 color options, which include orange, violet, magenta, lime, teal and blue.

Below the display is a 1.73-inch front-firing speaker housed inside the grille. This is similar to the speaker on the 5th Gen Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock. It has a built-in microphone that allows users to interact with Alexa via voice commands. There is a microphone mute button that is conveniently placed between the volume up and down buttons on the top of the device. For users who prefer privacy, the Echo Spot does not have a camera. Voice recordings can be deleted via the Alexa app on Android or iOS devices. The Echo Spot also has a motion sensor, which allows users to turn off the alarm by tapping on the top of the device. The Echo Spot acts as a smart alarm clock with a customizable interface.

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