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Crime News: A shocking incident has come to light in Pune, where a 13-year-old innocent girl was raped by 5 people including her father. The shocking thing is that whoever the girl approached for help, committed a heinous crime against her. The incident took place in the Chikhli police station area of ​​the city. At present, all the five accused are in police custody and the investigation is ongoing.

‘Do as it is happening in the video’
According to Pune Mirror’s report, the police has informed that the innocent girl was watching a video on YouTube. During that time, 40-year-old Samadhan Lavate came and said that he also wants to do the same thing with her as is happening in the video. After this, he took the innocent girl home and sexually abused her. The period of brutality with the innocent girl did not stop here.

The father from whom she asked for help, made her a victim of lust
According to the report, when the victim informed her father about the incident, he asked her to keep quiet for the sake of her honour. Later, when the girl was ill and resting at home, her father raped her. It is reported that she was also threatened.

Even the teacher’s husband did not show mercy
The victim continued to be abused even at the teacher’s house where she went for tuition. According to the report, in the teacher’s absence, her husband raped the girl. On May 19, a relative of the mother’s friend sexually assaulted the girl. It is reported that when the girl reached her mother’s friend’s house on June 2, her husband also raped her. Later on June 29, the father again raped the girl.

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