Apple Planning to Make AirPods, iPad Charging Cases in India

US devices maker Apple manufactured iPhones worth about $14 billion in the country last fiscal. The company plans to increase its manufacturing outside China. It is preparing to diversify its manufacturing in India, including AirPod and iPad.

Apple has restarted its plan to manufacture iPad in the country. For this company It is looking for a manufacturing partner. It is considering starting manufacturing of AirPods early next year. A media report has said that Apple may soon start looking for a manufacturing partner to make iPad. Earlier, the company had tried to partner with China’s BYD for manufacturing iPad but was not successful due to restrictions imposed by the central government.

This report states that Apple plans to increase the manufacturing of components for the wireless charging case of AirPod through Jabil in the country. The company is preparing to start manufacturing AirPod early next year. It is being told that the company has started a trial of manufacturing in Pune for wireless charging case with Jabil. Apple is also considering a similar agreement with Foxconn. After quality testing and final approval, Jabil will increase the manufacturing of wireless charging case for AirPods. Apple’s new iPhone series may be launched soon. The iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max of this series can be given a tetraprism 5x zoom lens. The company used this lens in the iPhone 15 Pro Max introduced last year.

It is said that the government has encouraged Apple to increase the manufacturing of desktops and laptops in the country. Apple has prepared to create an alternative supply chain in the country. The contribution of Tata Electronics and Foxconn will be important in shifting a part of the company’s manufacturing from China. Last year, Apple made the iPhone 15 series assembled in the country available for purchase on the first day of sale.

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