ChatGPT Sam Altman is developing AI Health Coach with Thrive AI Health

AI Health Coach: The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing rapidly in every sector. People associated with AI technology are very optimistic about its use. Now there is talk of such bots that will take care of people’s health. With this purpose, a new health company named Thrive AI Health has been created. Report According to, the company is aiming to revolutionize the health sector through AI. Its co-founders include OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, whose ChatGPT is being used all over the world.

What does Thrive AI do?

Thrive AI creates a personalized ‘health coach’ with the help of AI based on the needs of the users. That ‘health coach’ analyzes the sleep, diet, fitness, stress and social interaction of its users and gives advice based on the data.

Data is available on the app

‘Health Coach’ measures the health of its user and prepares all the data, which the user can access on his smartphone app. According to a report, this company is being led by DeCarlos Love. He has previously been a part of Fitbit.

Thrive AI plans to train its AI coaches in collaboration with scientific research, medical data and institutes like Stanford University School of Medicine. The company aims to create a comprehensive health data platform that can be accessed with a smartphone app or Thrive’s existing products. According to the report, it will take care of the security of the users during this entire exercise.

Currently, the company is working on training the AI ​​health coach. There is no information about when it will be available to the general public.

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