gujarat home minister harsh sanghvi says rahul gandhi did visit gujarat during his political tour

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Gujarat Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi has said that Rahul Gandhi came to Gujarat on his political tour. There is no connection between Rahul Gandhi and compassion. He never had any compassion. I pray to God to give him some compassion. He is an expert in linking every issue with lies and politics.

Harsh Sanghvi said that Rahul Gandhi is running the government in Tamil Nadu along with his Indi alliance partners. The way many people died there after drinking poisonous liquor, did Rahul Gandhi ever go to inquire about their families. Did you ever hear a single word from Rahul Gandhi’s mouth for the victim families of Tamil Nadu. A BSP leader was murdered, did Rahul Gandhi say a single word for them?

Gujarat Home Minister said that a woman was brutally beaten on the road in Bengal, did Rahul Gandhi say even a word on this. Sanghvi said that Rahul Gandhi’s travels are only for lies and politics. He said that there was no relation between Rahul Gandhi and sympathy and neither will there be.

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi addressed Congress workers in Ahmedabad. On the attack on the Congress office by Bajrang Dal workers, Rahul said that they have challenged us by attacking our party office. Rahul said that take it in writing that Congress will win the elections in Gujarat and will make a new beginning from the state.

Actually, the statement made by Rahul Gandhi in the Parliament regarding Hindus had led to massive protests in Gujarat. Bajrang Dal workers had blackened the poster of Rahul Gandhi at the Congress headquarters in Ahmedabad. There was a violent clash between BJP Yuva Morcha workers and Congress workers over this.

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