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Zorawar Tank Features: The Indian Army is going to get another big boost on the Line of Actual Control (LAC). The Indian forces deployed against China in Ladakh are soon going to get the indigenously built tank ‘Zorawar’. This tank has been built by India’s premier defense research agency Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and private sector firm Larsen & Toubro (L&T). The indigenous light tank Zorawar is in the advanced stage of its trials.

This tank with very advanced features has been prepared in two years. The most important thing is that these tanks will be deployed on the border facing China. This tank is especially useful in mountainous areas because it is light and fast. Zorawar has been developed according to the requirements of the Indian Army so that it can be easily deployed in high altitude areas. The latest technologies have been used in its design and manufacture. DRDO chief Dr. Sameer V. Kamat himself checked the progress of the project at the Larsen & Toubro plant in Hazira, Gujarat on Saturday.

Lessons learned from the Russia-Ukraine war

DRDO and L&T have added amazing features to the tank by learning from the Russia and Ukraine war. In this, USV (unmanned surface vehicle) has been integrated in the tank’s loitering munition. Loitering Munition is a type of weapon that hovers over the target area and attacks by targeting at the right time. It is also known as “kamikaze drone”. These munitions are automatic and can be sent to pre-determined targets or areas. When they identify their target, they attack it directly, allowing more accurate and effective attacks. They are especially used to destroy enemy radars, communication centers, or other important targets.

25 tons, speed is very fast

The light tank Zorawar weighs 25 tonnes. This is the first time that a new tank has been designed and prepared for testing in such a short time. Initially, 59 tanks will be given to the army. The army needs 295 more such armored vehicles. It is believed that these tanks can be at the forefront of the army’s future purchases. The Indian Air Force can carry two tanks at a time in the C-17 class cargo aircraft, because these tanks are light and can be driven at high speed in mountain valleys.

These tanks are expected to be inducted into the army after the completion of tests in the next 12-18 months. The DRDO chief said that Zorawar is expected to be inducted into the Indian Army by the year 2027 after all the tests. According to reports, the first ammunition to be deployed in these tanks is coming from Belgium, but still DRDO is ready to develop ammunition indigenously.

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