Indian Antariksha Station new design isro 52 tons launch expected 2035

Bhartiya Antariksha Station: When we talk about space stations, there are two major space stations outside the Earth. International Space Station (ISS) is the oldest. The second station is China’s Tiangong, which it has built on its own. India also took steps in this direction a few years ago. We are working on the Indian Space Station (BAS). Its latest design has come out. The special thing is that this time the size of BAS has been increased compared to the design presented earlier and more number of astronauts will be able to stay in it.

One Report Of AccordingThe Indian space station will weigh around 52 tonnes. Earlier its size was 25 tonnes. The length of the space station will be 27 metres and the width will be 20 metres. This will be a sufficient size for scientific experiments.

During normal missions, 3 to 4 astronauts will be present in the Indian space station. However, for a short time, 6 astronauts will also be able to stay in it. According to the report, in the latest design, the capacity for astronauts to stay has doubled than before.

The Indian space station will revolve around the Earth in a circular orbit 400 to 450 kilometers above the Earth. This will help astronauts to observe the Earth and do other research. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) aims to start operating India’s space station by the year 2035.

According to reports, systems will be installed in India’s space station so that if needed, spacecrafts from other countries can also dock in it. Garbage present in space becomes a problem for space stations. Measures are also being taken to protect the Indian station from it.

What is also special is that before preparing their own station, Indian astronauts will visit space. According to reports, they can stay in the International Space Station for some time. Bill Nelson, Chief of American Space Agency NASA, has said that Indian astronauts can be taken to ISS in one to two years.

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