UP Teacher suspended for playing Candy Crush in school time caught by Digital Well being feature

The government is trying its best to improve the education system in government schools, but the negligence of many teachers is hampering this effort. A school teacher in Sambhal district of UP was caught busy with his mobile instead of teaching and paying attention to the children. According to the IANS report, the teacher has lost his job due to his addiction to the mobile game Candy Crush. The teacher has been suspended for playing and talking on the phone during duty.

According to the report, this incident came to light when the District Magistrate Rajendra Pansia reached the school for a surprise inspection and found that there were many mistakes in the students’ copies from the first page to the last page. When the teacher’s phone was checked, an app in it revealed the whole secret.

Actually, that app tracks the hours spent on the phone. It was revealed that the school teacher spends about 2 hours playing Candy Crush during school time. The DM told local journalists that teachers should focus on checking the school work and homework of the students. They should ensure that children get quality education. He said that using mobile phones in school is not a problem, but using it for personal reasons during school time is not right.

It is said that the DM checked 6 pages in the copies of 6 students. He found 95 mistakes, out of which 9 mistakes were on the first page. The name of the teacher against whom action has been taken is said to be Priyam Goyal.

This feature exposed the truth

The Digital Well-being feature present in Android smartphones can tell how much time a user spends on his smartphone. How long does he spend on which app? This feature revealed that in the five and a half hours of school time, Priyam Goyal spent almost two hours playing Candy Crush, talked on the phone for 26 minutes and used social media apps for about 30 minutes.

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