The young man became the son of his own wife, after seven years the story between daughter-in-law and father-in-law came to light

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There have been many cases of quarrels between husband and wife after marriage and running away with the lover, but the case that has come to light from Badaun district of UP will leave you holding your head in shock. Actually, a woman got married seven years ago. Everything went well for one year after marriage, but during this time the woman suddenly disappeared. The woman’s husband searched a lot for his wife but could not find her. After a few days, the woman’s father-in-law also suddenly disappeared. The woman’s husband was not aware that the father-in-law and daughter-in-law had married each other. When this was revealed seven years later, the young man held his head in shock. The young man has become the son of his own wife. The young man then informed the police. The police caught both of them and brought them to the police station.

During interrogation, the woman told that when she got married, her husband was a minor. She was often upset with her husband. Due to this, she ran away with her father-in-law. After this, both of them got married and started living in Chandausi. The woman told that now she also has a son. The woman says that she does not accept the marriage that happened seven years ago and she is very happy to be married to her father-in-law. Both are living together after getting married of their own free will. The police released both of them after listening to them.

The son kept searching for his wife first and then his father

The whole case is from Dabotori Chowki area of ​​Badaun district. A young man living here told the police that he got married to a girl from Wazirganj in 2016. After a year his wife suddenly went missing. He kept searching for his wife for a few days and during this time his father also suddenly went missing. He searched for both of them for many days but could not find anything. After a few days he got information that his father and wife were in Chandausi, then he informed Bisauli police about it. The police started the search and found both of them. The father-in-law had married his daughter-in-law.

Both were living together in a room. The police caught both of them and brought them to the police station. When the woman was asked why she did this, she gave a shocking answer. The woman told that when she got married, her husband was a minor, he was uneducated and did not do any work. In the meantime, she fell in love with her father-in-law and ran away with him. Both of them got married in court and started living together. They also have a two-year-old son. Both are happy in their lives. The woman told that if the news of her marriage with her father-in-law would have spread in the area, there would have been a lot of disgrace, due to this fear she started living in Chandausi.

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