What is Zorawar Light Tank developed by DRDO L&T main features

Zorawar Light Tank: India is continuously strengthening its defense preparations. Now Made in India weapons are being given a lot of importance. According to media reports, the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has prepared a prototype of the indigenous light tank Zorawar in collaboration with Larsen & Toubro (L&T). Its trials will start soon. Recently this tank was unveiled. According to The Hindu Report According to him, currently a Cummins engine has been installed in this tank but DRDO has started a project to develop a domestic engine.

Quoting sources, the report said that the Zorawar tank has been built in the shortest possible time. It is capable of operating in the toughest environments on earth, which could be the areas of Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh. It is claimed that it can survive in harsh weather conditions with less logistics in high altitude areas.

The report says that the first prototype has been prepared. Soon it will be put into the field and after the testing is complete, it will be given for testing to those users who will operate it in future. Quoting another source, the report says that for the next 6 months, this tank will be tested in high altitudes including summer and winter and by August 2025, it will also be handed over to the Army for testing.

The engine is our ‘life’, work has to be done on it

A German engine was considered to operate the Zorawar. But the export clearance from Germany delayed the delivery of the engine. Eventually, DRDO planned to develop the tank with a Cummins engine. According to reports, Cummins agreed to assemble the engine in India.

DRDO wants to solve the engine problem forever. The report states that DRDO has started a project to develop a new power pack for the light tank. A new engine is also being developed for the Arjun tank.

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